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Nanhai Yucun Restaurant
Location: Liuhua Lake Park, 903 Renmin Bei Rd.Guangzhou / At Eastern end of Tianhe Stadium, Tiyu Dong Rd.Guangzhou
Open: 10:00-22:00

    Founded in 1986, Nanhai Yucun Restaurant (South Sea Fishing Village) has always been one of the premium gourmets'' choices in Guangzhou.

    No stranger to awards, the Nanhai Yucun restaurant boasts the prestigious "National Five-diamond Restaurant", "Restaurant of International Fame 2005" and dozens of others over the last two decades.

    The pricing here is high while most of the food are well-received.

Prices are high, but so is the quality. Just look at the guest list; the King and Queen of Spain, South Korea’s Prime Minister and his wife have eaten here, along with countless local celebrities.

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Xin Li Zhi Wan Restaurant
Location: No. 50, Shamian Nan Rd. Guangzhou / No. 15, Qingbo Rd., 11th Area, Ersha Island.Guangzhou / 2-3/F, B1, Jiuzhou Cultural Homestead, No. 38, Dongguan Zhuang Rd. Guangzhou
Open: 11:00-23:00
     Xin Li Zhi Wan (New Lichi Bay) is a renowned restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine. Its business started with its first establishment in Shamian Island, an "oasis" place with elegance and style, in 1994.

     It is mainly for better-off groups, featuring quality delicacies and grand and tasteful ambience. It is regarded as one of the top ten Cantonese restaurants in Guangzhou.

    Its signature dishes include "A-sen Abalone", "Xie''s Braised Shark Fins" and "A-qiong Swallow-nest".
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Taotaoju Restaurant
Location: No.20.Dishifu Rd.Guangzhou
Open: 9:30-01:30

 Taotaoju Restaurant is one of Ghuangzhou''s best-known traditional Cantonese restaurants, located in a historic building in Liwan District, old town of Guangzhou.

You can''t get any more traditional Guangzhou than this. Great place for dim sum and seafood. You haven''t lived in Guangzhou until you''ve eaten dim sum in a true local place like Tao Tao Ju. The restaurant is also a popular spot for banquets and parties.

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