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Lecong Furniture Exhibition Center

Open Hours: 08:30-17:3
Address: Lecong Furniture Exhibition Center.Shunde District.Foshan

Lecong Furniture Exhibition Center covers area of 120,000 square meters, making it the biggest one in world at present. The center has held the china (Lecong ) International furniture fair 6 times successfully since the year 2000.

Currently the center has collected more than 400 brand furniture, just to name a few: Kinwai(American), LianBang, KINETIC, Jinyibao. Life master and so on.

Qingping Market in Guangzhou

Open Hours:
Address: Dishipu Lu and Daihe Lu, Guangzhou, China.

Qingping Market in Guangzhou came into existence in 1979. It has over 2000 stall along 1-km-long Qingping Lu and Ti Yun Lu in the north of Shamian Island. It is the largest street market in Guangzhou. Over 60, 000 people shop there every day at the Qingping Market in Guangzhou. The other features of the Qingping Market in Guangzhou include:

- Behind the packed crowds and stalls there are some jade and antique stalls

- Across the short bridge from the north shore of Shamian is the bustling, noisy complex of alleys packed with shops and market stalls.

- The central alley contains herbalists, spice sellers, and fruit and vegetable stalls. To the left is the infamous meat market, with dogs, cats, and various endangered species on sale.

- A collection of jade shops along with stores selling reproduction antiques, old watches and jewelry, Mao memorabilia, and other collectibles are also found here.

- Farther north, on Daihe Lu, is the private antiques market, where you''ll find plenty of old furniture, porcelain, jade, and banknotes.

Zhanxi Road Footwear Trade Center

Open Hours:
Address: Zhanxi Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Footwear Trade Center is raise up in the early 1990s. The Footwear professional market has completed more than 10 large and small shoes cities, operating more than 3,000 households. Global International Trade Center, the largest, sets numerous world famous brand footwear with the operators. It also opened flagship store, concept store, products exhibition hall.

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