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Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Open Hours: 10:00-23:0
Address: Xiajiu Rd. Liwan District.Guangzhou

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is one of the major traditional shopping streets of Guangzhou. About 250 shops, mainly of garments, shoes and food, and malls are lined in this downtown span of some 800 meters.

This shopping area is also a showcase of traditional Cantonese architecture, especially pretty at night when the lights are lit up. Here is mainly for medium-and-minus consumption groups. You can find bunches of historically local famous names of commerce, such as Heling''s Shoes & Hats, Guangzhou Department Store for Women and Children, Xingping Tailoring and Hualin Jade and Jewellery Market here, prices are generally lower, and you could prepare to bargain a fair bit .

Zhuangyuan-Fang Alley

Open Hours: 09:30-18:3
Address: Renming Nan Rd. Liwan District.Guangzhou

Is a Showcase of local youngsters'' shopping craze, featuring stationery, gifts, clothes, pets and fun items in the narrow and crowded alley close to Shangxiajiu Street.

Zhuangyuan-Fang has a history. It was once a lane where people sold speciality goods like Cantonese Opera costumes and other stage costumes, and temple fair ornaments. At that time, the goods ranged from big things like a whole set of costumes to small items like pearl hairpins. All this has now been reduced to only a few stores selling this type of thing. But the world has changed. Zhuangyuan-fang has become a street for the in-neration, the avant garde, the new, voguey younger generation of Guangzhou.

Haiyin Electric Appliance Market

Open Hours: 10:00-18:3
Address: NO.58 Donghu Xi Rd.Guangzhou

Haiyin Electric Appliance Market consists of seven components markets; there are about 5,000 shops inside primarily sell Home-used electric appliance, electronical products, mobile phone ect. Sideline Products are Notebook computer and digital camera. You can bargain here and purchase at a reasonable price, no matter you are a wholesale or a retail buyer. And vender in this market has little problem to communicate in English. You''d better come with the translator.

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