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  About Cantontradefair Rewards
The Cantontradefair Rewards Program makes it easy to earn Rewards Points for reservations made through, the Cantontradefair Rewards Program offers a great selection of hotels where you can redeem Rewards Points.
   What it means to be an Cantontradefair Rewards member

Cantontradefair Rewards membership is free and offers great benefits. With our Members Only Special Offers, you can redeem Rewards Points for free stays. These specials are updated monthly and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Standard Awards allow you to redeem points for 5-7% cash savings on our already discounted hotels.

Find out more information about Cantontradefair Rewards Members Only Special Offers

   How to earn Rewards Points

a) Points are earned based on the cash value charged to your credit card for completed reservations made through participating Cantontradefair Travel Network sites. Every dollar you spend earns 25 Rewards Points. For example, if you make a booking worth US$1,000 and the full amount is charged to your credit card, you'll receive 25,000 points. Elite75 Members earn 25% more points for every dollar booked. Every dollar earns 31.25 points.

b) Cantontradefair Rewards members can earn Rewards Points every time they make a reservation for friends and family members. Plus, if you refer family, friends or co-workers to Cantontradefair Rewards, you can earn 100 Rewards Points for the first three referrals.

c) Once you've checked out of your hotel, you'll be asked to provide feedback. Each hotel review is worth 500 Rewards Points.

   How to redeem Rewards Points
You can choose the "Redeem" option on the booking form while making a reservation with participating Cantontradefair Travel Network sites.
Note: A minimum of 5,000 redeemed points is required for a standard hotel reservation for all members.

Premier members must redeem according to the following redemption scale.

Award Level Points Redeemed Savings (US Dollars)
1 5,000 10.00
2 12,500 25.00
3 25,000 50.00
4 37,500 75.00
5 50,000 100.00
6 62,500 125.00
7 75,000 150.00
8 100,000 200.00
9 200,000 400.00
10 300,000 600.00

Elite 75 members must redeem according to the following redemption scale.

Award Level Points Redeemed Savings (US Dollars)
1 5,000 10.00
2 10,000 20.00
3 15,000 30.00
4 20,000 40.00
5 25,000 50.00
6 30,000 60.00
7 35,000 70.00
8 40,000 80.00
9 45,000 90.00
10 50,000 100.00
11 60,000 120.00
12 70,000 140.00
13 80,000 160.00
14 90,000 180.00
15 100,000 200.00
16 110,000 220.00
17 120,000 240.00
18 130,000 260.00
19 140,000 280.00
20 150,000 300.00
21 160,000 320.00
22 170,000 340.00
23 180,000 360.00
24 190,000 380.00
25 200,000 400.00
26 210,000 420.00
27 220,000 440.00
28 230,000 460.00
29 240,000 480.00
30 250,000 500.00
31 260,000 520.00
32 270,000 540.00
33 280,000 560.00
34 290,000 580.00
35 300,000 600.00
The Cantontradefair Rewards Program and its benefits are offered at the discretion of Cantontradefair Rewards and participating Cantontradefair Travel Network sites. Cantontradefair Rewards has the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the services offered, including the point levels, in whole or in part for any reason, at its sole discretion, with or without prior notice to its members. Cantontradefair Rewards may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any Special Offer or hotel displaying the Cantontradefair Rewards logo; increase the points required for any Special Offer or standard hotel reservation; modify or regulate the availability of Special Offers or benefits. By becoming a member of the Cantontradefair Rewards Program, you agree that Cantontradefair Rewards and Cantontradefair Travel Network sites will not be liable to you or any third-party for any modification or discontinuance of the Cantontradefair Rewards Program.
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