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Tips For China Train
1) Type of Tickets
2) How to book
3) F&Q
How to book train tickets on our website?
1. Submit Train Ticket Booking Form
  • - Input your departure city and arrival city or the train No. to search for the train timetable and fare.
  • - Select your train, and click on "Detail" to enter the page for detailed information about the train.
  • - Confirm the price, departure & arrival station and other relative information, then click on "booking" to get into reservation page.
  • - Input your tickets number, departure date and contact details, and click "next" to generate your booking form.
  • - Ensure all information correct and click on "submit" to complete reservation. If your booking information need amendment or         change, click "reset" to redo.
  • * China train schedule and fare data are regularly updated. We will reconfirm the timetable and No. of your train and reply to you                 in time.
  • * We apply a service charge for this online value-added service.
  • * The tickets can be booked one week in advance. Please allow enough time if you opt for the delivery of tickets by mail.

2. Confirm Booking Order
  • - We will check the tickets availability and confirm the fare depending on the train and route you are booking. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with payment method details.
  • - Please inform us once you complete the payment for our timely verification and ticket(s) issue.
  • * As all train tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, we shall not be responsible for the economic loss that results from selling out of the tickets due to the communication process or payment delay.
  • *If the tickets are unfortunately sold out when we receive your payment, we will refund all of your payment.

3. How to receive the train tickets booked online?
You are given the following three options:
  • a) Pick up the tickets at our office.
             Address: Rm 2801-2802, North Tower, New World Times Center, No. 2193, Guangyuan Dong Rd. Tianhe District, Guangzhou
  • b) Get tickets delivered to your door
             We provide tickets delivery to your door within city proper with delivery charges applied.
  • c) Get tickets via Express Delivery
              We offer Express Delivery for domestic and international tickets, and the postage will be paid by customers.